Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Bulgari Omnia Amethyste

Notes: pink grapefruit, green sap, iris, Bulgarian rosebud, heliotrope, woods

I realized the other day that I must have a thing for Bulgari scents.  I own all three of the Thé frags, plus Black andRose Essentielle.  And I love Omnia Crystalline (so far I only have a mini of this).  I was curious about Omnia Amethyste and was able to procure a sample of it to try.  I didn't put enough on the first time, so it didn't register as anything of interest.  A few weeks later, I was a bit more heavy handed in the application.  Mmmm!  Ok, I like this one now too.

Amethyste has a soapy quality at first, that combination of floral notes and white musk that smells fresh and clean.  What?  No musk notes?  Well, it's musky to me and on me.  There's a bit of greenness, but no discernible grapefruit along with the musky essence that's not really there.  In the drydown, the dry iris note comes forth, with a lot of the rosy quality of Rose Essentielle in the background.  It's a scent that stays close to the skin, and I found that its pleasing aroma lasted through the day.


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