Thursday, July 5, 2007

Annick Goutal Passion

Notes: tuberose, jasmine, vanilla, oakmoss

Passion opens up with a weird note that immediately reminds me of "hots," the chopped hot peppers one puts on an Italian coldcut or steak sub. I'm pleased to say that it promptly turns into recognizable jasmine note, but one that is neither heady nor indolic.  There is a sweetness beneath the flowers which is perhaps the vanilla, although it is not particularly vanillaic...more like a unflavored simple syrup type of sweetness.  But not cloying in the least.

In the drydown, the white florals and vanilla combine to the effect of cool cleanness, not exactly soapy, but in my mind, fresh nonetheless.  And I'm not finding the oakmoss in there anywhere.

I've stated before that I'm no fan of white floral scents (although I am noticing that they are growing on me), particularly jasmine, yet I find myself loving Passion.  My FFG* has given me such a generous sample of Passion that it is not likely that I will need to invest in a bottle any time soon, but, I'm pretty sure that when I find myself running out, it will go on my ever-expanding wish list.


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