Friday, September 28, 2007

I Love Fashion!

It might be said that fashion designers are "innovative," or "visionary." But I prefer to refer to these demiurgic dervishes as "wacky," "cuckoo," "nutty," and "insane." I always have a good time going through the aftermath of the various fashion weeks, slogging through the hundreds of photos at New York Magazine's fashion section, my favorite, and possibly the best, online source for what's new and exciting in the world of fashion. The next few posts here will feature my favorite findings.

First up, young British designer, Gareth Pugh. Can't tell he's really a costume designer now, can you?

This little number reminded me of something that might go over well in a Harry Potter movie. Some half-crow, half-human that Hagrid might fancy as a pet, perhaps.

Here's a nice piece for the forthcoming Clan of the Cave Bear meets Mad Max flick. (In Hollywood these days, anything is possible.)

The latest in post-apocalyptic fashion - the cape o' rats! Freakin' GENIUS.


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