Friday, September 28, 2007

Prada Spring 2008

Prada always seemed to be an arbiter of good taste, at least what I could tell from looking at the glossy ads in my fashion magazines. Then I saw runway photos and realized that Miuccia could be just as looney as any other fashion designer. Her Spring 2008 collection is all about repurposing thrift store purchases. Well, not really, but sure looks like it, huh?

Click images to enlarge.

Straight out of the bin at Goodwill; many lazy summer afternoons were spent picnicking on this schmata; gah!

The boys get into the act by modeling old jammies and long underwear. (The guy in white at the back, to the right of the models, seems to be checking out the trap door on young Jug Ears' ensemble in the center image.) And my - what a cramped and ugly way to show. The audience could at least have coordinated their wardrobes.

These were the best of the lot. Many of the dresses in the collection feature the odd asymmetrical neckline of the pants suit at left; I think it looks a bit disheveled, but what do I know? And the dress at right is pretty, but I'd lose the chewed-off pantyhose and alcohol-monitor ankle bracelets.


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