Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Showing Off

Minx opal pendantJust so you know I wasn't kidding when I said that Carolyn Tyler and I share an's a piece I designed back in my retail days. The top part is high-karat gold with granulation and a simulated emerald cabochon. It was once a ring from which I had the shank removed. I don't know what it was before it became a ring, but as the shank was 14K gold, I have a feeling the two components were not born at the same time. The boulder opal is set in a 14K yellow gold bezel and is ornamented with prong-set green sapphires, diamonds, and one tiny tanzanite. The freshwater pearl dangle is primarily brown but it has a gorgeous gold and green flash.

The goldsmiths responsible for this piece were known as Roxx Limited. They had a jewelry store on Charles Street, on what was "jewelers' row" once upon a time. They closed up shop but still worked as goldsmiths; the store I toiled for used them for difficult or complicated repairs plus all custom work. I wonder what has become of them? They were/are truly talented guys. If anyone has information, I'd love to know.


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