Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I'm Confused...

...I thought a bride was supposed to look beautiful on her wedding day?

In case you haven't realized, this is a big spoiler for the upcoming Sex and the City movie, in which Carrie Bradshaw ends up in the laundry chute of a fancy hotel after having a deadly run-in with her neighbor's pet parrot.

That's all kinds of hideous. The bodice is ill-fitting and SJP could probably fit another pair of breasts in there with her own (which appear rather saggy). No word on the designer as of yet, but my guess is that this gown was a reject from the upcoming season of Project Runway's "make a wedding dress from old laundry" challenge.

Edited to add: word on the street is that Zac Posen is responsible for the hideousness.

And...Click for an even more unflattering photo.


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