Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stella McCartney Spring 2008

Stella McCartney's Spring 2008 collection is a curious combination of classically elegant tailored sportswear and baggy pajama-type outfits, some of which I think are actually meant to be worn in public.
Click images to enlarge.

Three really lovely and simple outfits in neutral colors. The material looks to be silk, so the drape and flow of the pieces, particularly the wide-leg trousers, should be fluid.

Here are two of the pajama-type styles. One model even brought her overnight bag. My feeling is that these are too baggy, like they belong to a much larger person. Not particularly flattering.

There were several pieces in this fabric in the line, and it reminds me of a long gown-length dress I had in the 70s. I really rather like it and think it would be smashing for an outdoor, daytime, party or wedding in the Spring or Summer.


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