Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I've always loved Bulgari jewelry, particularly in the 80s when they used a lot of bold colorful cabochons set in yellow gold. They were remarkably different from the mainstream and from other high-end jewelers who tended to take a more classical approach to design. I don't find Bulgari to be as groundbreaking anymore, but they still produce elegant designs that are breathtaking, using the highest quality gemstones. Go to Bulgari's Web site and you'll see some ultra close-up photos of their jewelry demonstrating the clarity of the stones and the fine workmanship of the metalwork.

Here are some of my favorite pieces from their current line.

These Parentesi pieces have an Art Deco flair, from the repeating tablet shape to the platinum settings. The emeralds and diamonds are all beautifully matched.

This piece from the Lucea line also has a vintage feel, a little Deco, a little Edwardian. I particularly like the delicacy of this one.

Not at all delicate are these showstopping drops with round and pear-shaped diamonds. Wearing something like this, one needs no other accessory. Maybe not even clothing.

These pieces (not sure if they're earrings or hair clips) are very Retro in their styling, somehow geometric and organic at the same time. A companion necklace resembles bi-colored fireworks.

These pieces, from the Allegra collection, are a little more modern, a little less formal. Sometimes too many colors of gemstones can be downright ugly, but that's so not the case here. I love the addition of the cultured pearls, which soften the hard edges of gold.


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