Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chanel Spring 2008 Couture

Karl Lagerfeld's newest collection for Chanel is so classic, so calm, it makes one wonder what crack he was smoking when he designed the Spring '08 RTW line. The clear influence for today's collection is the color and shape of seashells with their delicate lines and swirls.

While the clothing was refined, the set was a bit over-the-top. A giant 75-foot-tall replica of an iconic Chanel jacket, constructed of wood painted to look like concrete, was the centerpiece and served as both dressing room for the models and entrance for the runway.

The one thing I felt marred the show was the models' posture. Of course they were meant to stand that way, in their flat shoes, arms akimbo, but the overall appearance was if a gang of surly schoolgirls of the Avril Lavigne variety were forced to put on fancy clothes and parade around against their wills.

Most of the hemlines were of this petal-shaped variety, but they looked a bit too much like skirts stuck in pantyhose waistbands. The jacket, despite the oddly-placed pockets, is gorgeous.

Taking the petal hem a bit far...I also like the shape of this jacket very much.

March of the Penguins. There were several penguin-esque suits in the collection.

A version of the iconic jacket.

I absolutely love the lines of this coat, and the color as well. The model, however, needs to have her ears pinned.

What a gorgeous, darling little tweedy number this is! My favorite piece in the collection. I have serious jacket lust.

Such a fun and flirty flounce of eveningwear!

Maybe too many ruffles here, no? on an otherwise classic evening gown. Looks like she has an ostrich stuffed up her skirt.

Whoa...where did this come from? This Aesthetic movement nightgown adorned with Silly String?

This is what happens when you coat yourself in too much body lotion before you head naked into the henhouse.

Back to reality. This elegant two piece would be perfect red carpet wear for the likes of Chanel spokesperson Nicole Kidman.


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