Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mars and Valentine

"Wave Vesta" necklace with antique matchsafe and tourmalines.

Mars and Valentine call their line "Jewelry for the Modern Goddess."

jewelry for the modern goddess
some things are just better old - especially when they’re new
the cut of a 40’s jacket
the patina of a 300 year old italian marble floor
the velvet feel of a finger worn poker chip
the balance of cherished objects
with the strength and humor of modern design
is the heart of mars and valentine...
creating an intriguing new sensibility -
jewelry for the modern goddess

Incorporating semi-precious gems, various metals, and the occasional vintage found object, Mars and Valentine is a fun collection of upscale costume jewelry favored by the likes of Joss Stone and MTV's Suchin Pak. Don't let that stop you from taking a closer look! Mars and Valentine is available at


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