Wednesday, February 20, 2008

London Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Asprey

A British tradition since 1781, Asprey has recently been retooled as a slick modern brand for luxury goods. Not just for Royals anymore, Asprey's modern traditional style now attracts trendy folks like the Beckhams.

I have always thought that mere Britishness was the height of cool elegance. Hakan Rosenius' Fall 08 collection draws inspiration from the cool and elegant blonde heroines of Alfred Hitchcock.

Click images to enlarge

It's especially evident in these vintage-style frocks and suits

and these frilly ruffled creations.

But there also might be a little bit of Bond Girl in this killer leather coat.
Bond Street, that is.

This sexy flowy number (Angelina Jolie might want this one to hide her secret baby bump) seems a bit out of place in the collection, but it is lovely nonetheless.


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