Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Bill Blass

I decided to take my chances and attempt to get into the Bill Blass show, even though I did not have an invitation. I managed to get a standing room pass and eventually a seat in the fifth row. Not surprisingly, I spotted a couple of fashion editors and stylists in the audience.

Here's Vogue's Anna Wintour, looking like a real sourpuss (or maybe she's just pissy because Posh has stolen most of her look and wears it far more successfully). Was there bad plastic surgery or maybe bad dental work in her recent past? She did not speak or smile, and wore the dark glasses through the entire show, barely acknowledging that there was anything going on in front of her. She was wearing the bizarre combination of bright purple skirt with a fur jacket and clutched the collar around her throat as if she were cold. Meanwhile, on the other side of the room, I was perspiring with my jacket on my lap.
On the complete other side of the spectrum is Elle's Nina Garcia. She animatedly chattered with people on both sides of the runway before taking her seat next to stylist Rachel Zoe. Nina may come off as a bit bitchy on Project Runway, but having met her, I can say that she's very lovely and charming, and almost shy.

Ms Zoe was swarmed by photographers and interviewers for a while before the show started and she seemed to revel in the attention. And I think I saw her get her picture taken with some fans at some point as well.

On to the show itself. It was very classic American, with luxe fabrics like cashmere, fur, and lots of feathers.

Although the vest is comically wide, the loose armholes swung in an interesting manner.

Crisp, clean, chic. The bow detail is just enough to elevate this dress out of the "plain" category.

There were several extravagantly ruffled pieces in this collection, variations on this theme. This was the most extreme, and I found the versions worn with either black trousers or black skirt to be more wearable, although this one is more interesting.

This dress must have weighed a ton...

...and this one even more. The sequins gave the impression of being bits of broken glass, which I think added to the impression of immense weight.

I will admit that I like the look of fur, although am a fan of the color the animal was born with. Nature already has a fabulous palette, and blue just seems wrong somehow.

This amethyst and black curled ostrich dress is awful. There was a black and white one in the collection as well, looking like a skinned dalmation/Big Bird hybrid. A solid color would have made these a bit more palatable, but not that much.

This halter gown, on the other hand, is gorgeous. The drape was beautiful and I really loved the color.

Watch the show here:

and here:


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