Wednesday, February 20, 2008

London Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Gareth Pugh

Avant garde designer never fails to thrill with his fashion vision. This season, his inspiration seems to be some sort of alien/zombie hybrid.

Click images to enlarge

The first armor-like dress (very Marilyn Manson, I think) is constructed of zippers, which also seems to be the trim on the extremely wide-shouldered cape. The last look is a sweater dress embellished with hundreds of safety pins. The off-center collar looks like it once accommodated a second head.

More pins border the first coat, which actually seems quite wearable. Not the oversized oven-mitt mittens though. The second coat is quite spectacular.

Want to smell like a goat, or just look like one? Pugh used lots of goat hair in this collection. Not sure if that's a skirt or culottes on the guy (looking like a cross between a winged monkey and the Tin Woodsman). The hairy shoulders on the gal's outfit makes me think of a bad gorilla costume. And an Italian I dated once.

These python-trimmed outfits aren't quite as outlandish, but I'll bet it all squeaks and creaks rubbing together while walking.


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