Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Nanette Lapore

I was excited that I was able to attend the Nanette Lapore show, but then felt a little underwhelmed once inside the tent.

I do like this coat, plaid and furry though it may be.

These remind me of repurposed Catholic school uniforms.

The plaid fabric of this dress looks like it would be itchy, again, like Catholic school uniforms. The shape is really cute though, and I'd love it in a basic black.

I'm not sure where this one comes from. It's very plain in comparison to other pieces in the show, but overall I like it.

This is just ugly. The colors, the shape. It reminds me of a pair of hideous striped footie pajamas I had in the 70s. Ugh.

And then we have this. Cute all around. Love the classic shape of the coat. The model looks a bit pleased with herself too.

Unrelated to Nanette Lapore at all, but look who I spotted milling around while I was waiting in line to get in? Her son's show was next, and eager Mom Kors got there early.

Either that, or it was MK himself, in drag.


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