Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Project Runway: Sweet P

Sadly, I couldn't get into the Project Runway shows at Fashion Week. The Bravo PR rep even seemed genuinely sorry that she had no space for me. It's just as well, as I couldn't have stayed another day, especially since I had gotten sick and probably would have had a hard time dragging myself out of bed on Friday morning.

I thought I could be good and avoid looking at the photos of the shows, but I realized that as in previous years, we'll only be seeing three of the collections on TV. And so I am sharing them with you, along with my commentary (which you are free to ignore).

The first designer down the runway was Sweet P! How exciting for her to be able to show at Bryant Park. I thought she would have been auf'd long ago, but she managed to pull of some surprising successes in the past few weeks. Personally, I like her a lot, even if she might not be the Next Big Thing (but Chloe didn't strike me as a winner and yet she was...and still not the Next Big Thing). Sweet P's MBFW collection was full of surprises too.

Click photos to enlarge

Isn't she cute as a button? Except for the disfiguring tattoos, of course.

I like the purple and gold color combination, although I don't think the fabric choice is particularly successful. The silky gold blouse is wonderful, and the shape of the jumper is nice, but the fabric looks a little thick, like weird upholstery. *Love* the suit though - the stripes are mitered very precisely.

Where did that cape come from! I would love to see it move! And here's what's underneath (reminds me of an armadillo). The plaid dress is cute, but the hose makes her look as if she has a skin disease.

The top isn't working for me with that plaid, but I can see why she chose that fabric. The next two pieces seem out of place - they don't have any continuity with the rest of the collection, and that's a problem. I don't quite hate them, but I don't like them either.

Love the first dress, with the embellishment, even though it looks to be a wee bit sloppy. The pattern on the middle dress is really groovy, kinda Deco, I like it. And then we have another outfit that doesn't fit the collection.

All-in-all, I think Sweet P did very well. Perhaps not well enough to win it all though. But stay tuned!


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