Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Project Runway: Jillian Lewis

Jillian scores points with me for featuring knitwear in her collection (for those who don't know, I'm an avid knitter.) Gee...who did that before? Um...was it Jay McCarroll? And did

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Cute as a button in her flirty skirt, I can't help but wonder if JiLew attached a last minute button or three just before the girls headed down the runway.

Love the coat, the hats, and particularly the ruffle-front sweater.

Oops...momentarily lost me with the gold dress/footless pantyhose. It's a little trampy-looking, even if the model is all girl-next-door from the neck up. I like the jacket in the next look, but maybe not the shoulders. Third look: I like the shoulders, but not the wide black and white prison stripes.

I like the first two looks. The first of course we've seen from Jillian before, but with a little twist; the second is a sweater pattern I'd love to see in a knitting magazine. It's perfect with the slim jeans and the helmet. The third look is a bit too superhero/armor. It looks stiff and uncomfortable, and I don't like the flat bit at the front hem. It's too much like a leotard, but not.

I like the shapes of these dresses, particularly the bodice on the first one, but don't understand the gray cotton candy-trapped-under-a-strip-of-plastic effect on the skirt. The blue material looks a little cheap, like a bridesmaid's dress. And the low neckline coupled with the ruffly short hem = too much. It would have worked better on a floor-length dress. As for the third - I like it but the shininess is a problem to me.


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