Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Project Runway: Chris March

Wow - can I say that I love this collection? (Of course I can - it's my blog.) It's a teensy bit theatrical with its goth overtones, but it's not drag-queeny or costumey at all. Well, apart from the hair, and I don't mean that on the models' heads. The stuff that looks like feathers or fur trimming several pieces - it's hair. Yes, it is weird.

As far as the model's actual hair and makeup - I think it works perfectly with the drama of the collection.

Click photos to enlarge

Poor guy looks to have contracted a bit of the Fug Girls' favorite ailments: Stumpophrenia. How many layers does he have on? (I see shirt, vest, hoodie, jacket - he's got to be sweating under the lights and the stress.)

I love the bold graphic on the first dress, and that the velvet outfits continue the color. It's very clear that all twelve pieces belong in the same collection. The only thing I don't like is the pants under #3.

So dramatic, that blood red. I love it. And that third dress looks much like a Reem Acra.... does this center dress. I wish the other pieces weren't so dark so I could seem more details, but from what I can see, I love the shapes and the fabrics used. Maybe not so much the hair though.

Siouxie should have been front row and center for this show. I can see her in the coatdress especially. The center dress with the thorn pattern would be very Angelina Jolie, in her vial of blood days.


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