Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Project Runway: Rami Kashou

I expected Rami's runway to be full of draped Grecian goddesses in shades of gray and barf green, but the man showed he could work with other styles and colors. It's a beautiful collection, mostly coherent, and a possible winner.

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He's looking a bit like Gavin MacLeod here.

I'm torn between loving and hating the girdle-over-a-dress look of the first outfit.
The second one, a suit, is very cute, chic, and highly wearable. Unfortunately you can't really tell what's going on in the third pic, but she's wearing a dramatic black and white draped dress under that jacket... the same fabric as the blouse in this very Japanese look (it looks like kimono sleeves when tied back for work, worn with an obi, but with pants).

The pants cuffs have a row of small buttons...stolen strongly borrowed from Christian's denim challenge near-winner, perhaps? Very nicely detailed, but with those hips, ultimately unflattering.

The other two outfits make a big switch to a color palette we're more familiar with. I like the quilted part of the second outfit, but not the rest of it. And I really like the weaving on the third dress. And it's nicely draped as well.

The gold snakeskin might be stunning on a shapelier model.
The second gown makes me think of antique Dresden porcelain lace. The sleeves almost don't seem like fabric, but something more fragile.
And the final piece is covered in tiny ruffles which get lost in the texture of the fabric.


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