Sunday, February 3, 2008

Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Rock & Republic

Sexy, sleek, modern, edgy - all words that can be used to describe Rock & Republic's Fall 2008 collection. It's unusual, but I loved every piece in this collection, both men's and women's wear, and especially the leather.

I have always liked the look of a long, well-fitted coat on a man. Particularly a trench.

One really needs to be toned (or in head-to-toe Spanx) to wear these dresses, but oh how sleek and sexy they are! I love the purples - the only color in the collection other than black.

The first suit really caught my eye - very menswear, but perfectly cut for a woman's figure. And the skirt is a wee bit short on the third look, but the jacket is marvelous. I love all of the different collar shapes in this collection - while every look belongs to a coherent whole, there's not a lot of repetition.

How hot are these coats? The leather looks so soft, yet there is a toughness about it. The shape of coat three (all of them, actually) would translate just as well into other fabrics, but somehow it's the leather that really makes the look.

Watch the show here:

and here:


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