Friday, February 1, 2008

Fall Fashion Week 2008 - Nautica, Red Dress, Perry Ellis

The runway mayhem has begun! The first show of the season was Nautica. Designer Mirian Lamberth blended the company's signature nautical theme with more city-ready looks. Not sure about the whole jacket under the blazer look though - somewhat defeats the purpose of the windbreaker.

I thought this model was especially handsome. Most of the rest of them looked like they had an attitude problem.

Next up was The Heart's Truth Red Dress Collection - a star-studded affair featuring celebrity models wearing red dresses designed by several top designers.

Molly Sims' kept tugging at her bodice in order to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.

Lisa Rinna worked her fringe

Mary Lynn Rajskub looked a bit like Zach Braff in drag

Joss Stone couldn't be bothered with wearing shoes for the occasion, but at least she didn't have her customary joint in hand.

Liza Minnelli concluded the show with a song. The outfit she wore was very much like something out of her own closet. I hate the detail on the pants.

Third on the schedule was menswear by Perry Ellis. The look was mostly classic with a few quirks thrown in for interest.

Doesn't get much more classic than this leather jacket.

I really like this sweater - it reminds me of patterns for Noro self-striping yarn.

Not that I condone this combination, but I thought the pants were interesting.

Is this style of sweater going to come back? Eeek!

Nice look, apart from those damn rubber boots.

I had to laugh at this one. Nightshirt, flap hat, old man sweater, and rubber boots!


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