Monday, March 3, 2008

Dear QVC

I appreciate the e-mail you sent me today regarding your special 26-hour "Fashion Day" event starting tonight. I understand that you intend to fill that time with the latest looks for Spring. While I admire the way you are giving the TV-addicted masses who like to shop during the wee wee hours of the morning a forum for designer fashions such as those by Chloe Dao, Laura Bennett, Dennis Basso, and Dana Buchman, I would like to laugh heartily at your attempt to include the bedazzled and appliqu├ęd nightmare that is Quacker Factory in the category "fashion." You are not only giving the line delusions of grandeur, you are also insulting every clothing designer who rightfully falls under that heading.

Thank you,
Kathy (whose Heidi Klum earrings broke after one wearing)


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