Monday, March 24, 2008

Hello, Hideous!

This Fendi clutch was featured in the Spring 2008 Accessories Report section of the April issue of InStyle magazine (the one with a heavily airbrushed therefore pretty cute Renée Zellweger on the cover). "Clutch treat. A talisman, showstopper and masterpiece in one. Beaded leather baguette with water snake and metal fringe."

Sorry, it's hideous. There's too much going on, and none of it is attractive. The silver fringy things remind me of a cross between the pipecleaner aliens in the Star Trek episode "Catspaw" and shredded Michael Jackson gloves. The red-bordered circular medallions look like faux military patches, and I don't understand the need for the beads-and-black-suction-cup thingies. Overall, it looks like the product of an overworked prop staff of a low-budget sci fi show.

And it can be yours for a mere $2830.


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