Friday, March 28, 2008

Jewelry Advertising

I always got a kick out of jewelry advertising in industry magazines. There's usually a level of tacky that belies the costliness of the items depicted. I'm skeptical that any of them are produced by professional ad men and graphic designers; cousin Fred probably toils as the "art department" for most companies.

I found this ad in the March 2008 issue of JCK. At first I thought - "I like the spareness and the nice use of negative space, the lack of background image, and the subtle text." Then I thought, "where's that frog's foot? Has it suddenly and very awkwardly morphed into that [somewhat ugly] ring?"

I get that the round stones resemble the round toes on the froggy's feetsies, but if the creature's foot did become a ring, would the ankle connect directly to the citrine like that? No wonder the poor little guy is hanging on for dear life like that - he's been transformed into a horrible unbalanced freak. Grimm and Aesop have nothing on Yael's fairytales as far as cruelty is concerned....


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