Friday, March 28, 2008

Kimberley Locke

That scamp Christian Siriano designed this dress for Kimberley Locke to wear on her recent appearance on American Idol.

Yick. I don't think any of the Project Runway judges would have let this pass without a whole lot of comment. For one thing, what's going on with the bodice? Her poor boobs are being unnaturally mashed because there are no actual cups to accommodate them. Her torso looks distorted and overly compressed, which makes her upper arms look larger than they are. And it appears that he was trying for some draping, a la Rami, except the skirt looks more like it should be adorning a window rather than a pelvis. I'm not into the color either; the pewter and buff does nothing for her skin tone.

In addition to the dress, her styling in general misses the mark. The pearls look like an afterthought; something with lots of diamonds would have brought attention to her face and shoulders rather than the dress. And the girl wore too much eye makeup (was it dark green?). Ms Locke is normally very pretty, so it's a shame to see her look less than her best, particularly when her outfit is sure to garner attention merely for its designer.

Ms Siriano really should stick to what he does best - highly tailored froufrou jackets and skinny pants - and leave dress designing to those more adept in understanding the female figure.


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