Monday, March 3, 2008

Milan Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Trussardi

Gaia Trussardi's Fall 08 collection, for the most part, is fun, functional, completely wearable. Then we get to the leather stuff, and it gets a bit funky.
Click image to enlarge

I can see any of these casual and chick looks hitting the streets come Fall. Of course, the first sweater with its ruffled bottom probably shouldn't be worn by very wide women.

I love the color palette, even if it does remind me a little of the 70s with its oranges and browns. I love the first coat especially.

Here's where I fall out of love. I don't mind the ruffled collar on the jacket, but the wide shiny hem on the top has to go. The second look makes me think of the Little Match Girl. And the third one is designer trash bags. Actually, is any of it leather, or is it vinyl?


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