Friday, March 21, 2008

New Delhi Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Rohit Bal

Rohit Ball's Fall '08 collection was dramatic and over-the-top, with loud colors and flashy fabrics, quite untraditional in its sexy vibe. I think it's wonderful and daring and such a relief from the unrelenting black doom of the European collections.

The black dress is probably not something you're gonna see every day in India, as it's the kind of shockingly sexy that modest culture doesn't advocate. The other two dresses are frankly fabulous with their iridescent fabrics and appliqued roses. The third dress appears to be secured by a series of wide straps across the back, in a naughty bondage-like fashion.

Rather avant-garde, kinda spacey and wild. I can't help but think of that rock group from the Flintstones, the Way-Outs, when I see that first dress.


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