Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Paris Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Balenciaga

Apart from a handful of dresses, Balenciaga's Fall 08 ready-to-wear collection is full of weird plasticky leathers and uncomfortable-looking silhouettes.

Click image to enlarge

Although the models seem to be made up as aliens, these dresses are timeless. I particularly like the asymmetrical waist termination of the collar.

Now comes the uncomfortable. The patent leather skirt looks stiff and how flattering can it be when seated and that split opens even wider? And are the jackets made to be worn with football shoulder pads underneath?

Robo-babe goes out on the town in her stiff patent dress. The color is great, but how comfortable is it? Her friend the Mummy wears one of several bandage-like tops in the collection.

While I love the color palette for these final pieces, I don't think the execution is particularly attractive. And the only outfit that seems at all wearable is the one at center, which seems to have some drape and flow. The boots are hideous; no doubt they will become a big hit.


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