Monday, March 3, 2008

Paris Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Valentino

Alessandra Facchinetti takes over the reins from the mighty Valentino with her first Fall collection under the Valentino label. It's a little dull and safe, and some of the outfits look awkward, like baby birds. Let's hope this ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan some day.
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Oh, the depressingly drab. The first outfit is quite nice although I don't think the black tights work. The second and third numbers have that awkwardness - the hem on #2 is perhaps a bit too wide for no good reason, and the cape thingy looks uncomfortable and the shoulders ride too high when the arms are through the armholes. Unfortunately, it's also narrowly cut, so one couldn't wear it with the arms inside.

Zzzzzzzzz.... The shapes are nice, but the colors! Awful. And what about the blue nipples on the center top? As for the third look - I like the skirt, but the black blouse is too casual; it almost has a denim look.

These gowns have more of a classic Valentino feel. I like the center one best, although I think the ornament under the bodice is a little severe.

And these frothy confections are actually quite delightful. I like the juxaposition of the architectural coat with the pink peeking out.


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