Friday, March 7, 2008

Paris Fall 2008 Fashion Week - Vivienne Westwood

Yes, I know Vivienne Westwood is the forward-thinking designer known for bringing punk fashions into the mainstream. She also has some interesting perfumes (I particularly like Anglomania). But her Fall 08 show is shockingly ugly and can best be described as "homeless chic."

This is the best of the lot. I'm not big on the applique on the dress, and her boobs don't look like they're having much fun in there, but the iridescent coat is magnificent. It doesn't even seem like it should be included in the collection, unless the back of it is covered in fingerpaint (which is highly likely).

Apparently big shoulderpads are back. These look sloppy. And what's with the stilts?

I'm really trying to pick the nicest looks in the collection. I think the first look is a bit oversized, and the fingerpaint design on the skirt has got to go, but the shapes are classic enough. And apart from the colors, I do like the other two looks.

Apparently the homeless use old comforters and fabric remnants as eveningwear.


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