Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tim Gunn

My friend Amber went to see Tim Gunn on his Liz Claiborne tour and learned something interesting that I thought I would pass on to you.

"[Tim] told us about how he was a sculptor and career educator and how he got from there to hosting PR. The reason they wanted him in the workroom was that they were afraid that the designers would just work the whole time and not interact. He was basically there to make sure there was dialogue. So Tim wasn't sure if he would actually be on the show in the first season or if they would just focus on the designers responses. He didn't go to the premiere in case he wasn't because that would be embarrassing. On the other hand, if he was, what would he look like? So he watched the first episode the same way he watched the Wizard of Oz as a kid...from behind the bed-covers."


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