Monday, April 7, 2008

Eternamé's Accessories Report picks Eternamé's enameled white gold and sapphire bracelet as one of Fall 08's best. I love it - the color, the shape, and the mixed shades of purple sapphires. Intrigued by the piece, I decided to see what Eternamé has available currently - why wait till fall?

My favorites were these white gold peridot and diamond earrings from the Eternelle collection. I'm a sucker for lime green.

These "Ellipse" white gold and diamond earrings from the "Couture" collection are quite dramatic, yet not flashy. I'd love to see these on a live model.
Me, preferably.

I'd also love to see this special order Kunzite and sapphire ring in person, as I can't quite tell what is going on in the pic. The goldwork seems pretty ornate, and the yellow sapphires seem to be set in or around the prongs that hold the large center stone in place.


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