Friday, April 4, 2008

Lakme Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008 - Abhishek Dutta

Indian designer Abhishek Dutta's Fall/Winter 2008 collection, recently shown at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, was full of heavily ornate and glitzy garments for both men and women. Men - wouldn't you love the freedom to dress this way without being considered outrageous or looking like a clown?

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The head scarves are a bit too Eastern European Babushka for me, but I love the mix of colors in these three pieces; the reds and browns, grays and metallics are fun and bright yet luxurious.

According to the official Lakme Web site, Dutta was influenced by the Save the Girl Child campaign. Female children have long been less-valued in India, considered a financial burden and often simply murdered after birth. Although that barbaric practice (perhaps not as barbaric as marrying a 9-year-old child to a mature man, however) has decreased, it is mostly now because the sex of the child can be determined during pregnancy and an abortion performed if the fetus is female. This practice is known as Pre-Birth Elimination of Female Foetus (PBEF) and it is illegal, yet it still goes on. Some Indians believe this is genocide and estimate that 6 million females had been killed in a period 20 years.

A Google search for "Save the Girl Child" brings up lots of educational links on this subject.

Sometimes fashion isn't as frivolous as it appears.


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