Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2008 TV Land Awards

The 2008 TV Land Awards were taped recently (and will air on Sunday the 15th at 9pm) and there were TV stars past and present in attendance. So good to see that Jack Klugman (86!), Dick Van Dyke (83!), and Barbara Feldon (76!!) are still kickin' and looking pretty great. But this is a fashion blog, not an aging-well blog, so let's look at the clothes, shall we?

I can't tell if it was a casual or a dress-up event, as outfits were all over the place.
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Black seemed to be a big theme. Host Vanessa Williams (who had at least three other costume changes) showed up in a black gown. Little House on the Prairie's Nelly Olson, aka Alison Arngrim also wore black, but in a far more matronly style. And Sarah Chalke was on the opposite end of the spectrum in a saucy short number. I think she's so so pretty.

Likewise Teri Hatcher wore black, as did Gilligan's Island's Maryanne, Dawn Wells (she's 70!), and did The Office's Kate Flannery.

Family Ties' Tina Yothers wore black too - a short, rather dumpy number that makes her chest look enormous but not in a good way. The Office's Angela Kinsey looked very casual in her short dress, but that's the way to show off the boobies! And isn't she pretty when she smiles?

I love the color of Jodi Sweetin's (Full House) dress, but it looks cheap on her. Must be her. The same with Kim Alexis - looks like a cheap polyester prom dress. And former supermodel Beverley Johnson is a hot tranny mess in her too-tight dress and awful reddish wig.

Left: Jerry Mathers stars in the new made-for-TV movie, Beaver Gets a Wedgie. Right: Brady Bunch's Barry Williams in the new musical,
For the Last Time, I'm Not Gay!

Poor Jeff Conaway can barely stand. Although his fiancé (left) has a lovely dress, her makeup is pretty tacky. And I have no idea who the chinless drag queen is in the green spangly disco dress.

Kathy Griffin has a terrific stylist. I love the dress - both the color and the style.

Ed Asner looks all dapper in his classic tuxedo, but what's with Shatner's rumpled and ill-fitting jacket? And is he wearing jeans?

The Golden Girls got out their best polyester pantsuits for the occasion. Poor Bea Arthur looks so skinny - but she is 86! (Rue McClanahan is 74 and Betty White is also 86.) You go, Girls!


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