Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blogging Kathy Griffin

So I had a thought, for about ten minutes (from 1:00 AM until about 1:10 AM) as I groggily made my way to and fro the bathroom last night, that I would recap Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. I fell asleep with that thought in my head, woke up and decided I must be delusional. For one thing, Kathy Griffin doesn't need amusing thought balloons. For another - am I crazy? I'm already recapping the craptastical The Next Food Network Star on my food blog, quarterbacking Blogging Shear Genius for the lovely folks at Blogging Reality Television, and planning to recap Project Runway here when it starts on July 16th. Isn't that enough?

Maybe, maybe not. Bear with me here.

In the first episode of season four of My Life on the D List, we see that Kathy has been invited to ring in the new year with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Yeah, I sure watch CNN on New Year's Eve, don't you? I'd love to report that she didn't make a fool of herself (I'm sure she embarrassed the heck out of "Andy" though), but since I didn't watch it.... (And I might have, had I known KG was on. Beats the hell out of smarmy Ryan Seacrest and New Year's Snoozin' Eve.)

Then she goes on about her relationship with Apple founder Steve Wozniak, a homely bear of a man. Either Kathy has a thing for fat men (her husband was fat at first), or she's just extremely un-shallow. Oh wait, Wozniak is filthy rich! God, he's gorgeous! I can understand why Kathy would want to have a relationship with a man whom she can trust not to put his fingers in her piggy bank (her actual piggy bank; I'm not talking euphemisms here), but I have to ask: what do they talk about? What do they have in common? Don't get me wrong - I *adore* Kathy Griffin, but - she's not exactly his intellectual equal. How does one communicate with an über-nerd?

My Life on the D List was nominated for a Producer's Guild award. Not satisfied with an Emmy, Kathy feigns disgust and losing to one of Oprah's favorite shows, Planet Earth. Heck, I'd be pissed too, if Oprah-anything was favored over me. (Sorry Oprah lovers! I don't understand your slavering sycophantism!)

And those were the highlights. I shouldn't bother, right?


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