Friday, July 4, 2008

Mini-interview with Malan Breton

Plus size fashion's come a long way since the polyester doubleknit pants and tops that constituted my choices in the Junior Plenty section of Lane Bryant back in the 70s. (Yeah...that's what the "jp" stands for on those "JP Collection" tags, LB shoppers.) No longer are we generously proportioned women forced to wear ugly clothes, seemingly designed to shame us for our amplitude. Even Lane Bryant clothes are less hideous not quite as ugly more attractive than they were. And fashion designers are considering our needs as well. Take Malan Breton - he's now offering elegantly-styled clothing in sizes from 2 to 20!

I was excited about this new development and thought it would be a good time to ask the designer a couple of questions.

theminx: I've read that the adorable and vivacious Nikki Blonsky is your new muse. How did that come to be? Was she your main inspiration for your making clothes in larger sizes?

MB: Nikki is a kind friend. I became friends with her and her wonderful mother a few months back on a cruise in the Caribbean. I love her energy and she is such a positive role model for people to be who they are. I adore that. She is such a lovely person.

theminx: Designer sizes are not always the same as mass-market sizes. Can you tell me the bust/waist/hip measurements that you use for sizes 16-18-20?

MB: BWH for size 16 18 and 20 would be
16= 42, 34, 44
18= 44, 36, 46
20= 46, 38 , 48

theminx: Anything new and exciting that you want to share with us?

MB: I am very excited to have sizing for women who want to feel beautiful women of all sizes, I am also going to be launching a small line of Men's and some other exciting things at NY fashion week. Thank you for asking. I think Women should have the option to dress beautifully no matter what size they are.


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