Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ticky or Tacky?

Last season's Project Runway winner Christian Siriano has his first collection available at Bluefly.com. It perfectly captures his aesthetic: little or no color, poofy sleeves, yadda yadda. Yawn. For some reason, the site only sells three or so items at a time (supposedly the others are sold out) - there is at least another dress and jacket available, both in black, natch, plus a tranny-licious gold skirt (hey - hows that for a one-word hommage to both Christian and this season's tan-o-riffic Blayne?)

This first piece he says is "tranny Klum on a budget." While the puffy sleeves are a bit Johanna Spyri, I'm not sure our flesh-and-blood Heidi would wear it. It's not short enough, for one thing. It's a bit stiff-looking, no? As if it would make cellophane-y crinkle noises when one moved. It's probably the full lining interfering with the drape of the silk lamé. The back is a bit crinkly-looking as well.

Fully-lined, gold silk 'Red Carpet' shift dress, $325. "Retail value" $405. How do they come up with the "retail" price? Considering that Bluefly is indeed retail, no matter how they want to spin it. And, as far as I know, Bluefly is the only company selling these items for Ms. Siriano. I suppose "Price we'd actually like but if we lower it you might think you're getting a deal so will shell out the money" is too wordy?

Black metallic wool "Dinner at 8" jacket, $520. "Retail value" $650. The cut of this jacket is nice, as the poofitude of the sleeves is kept to a minimum. However, the fabric looks stiff and cheap. But I'll bet lots of fools will be happy to throw away their hard earned dollars for this garment. That's 130 gallons of gas in most parts of the country, btw.

"Transylvania" crewneck t-shirt of cotton jersey, $96. "Retail value" $120. I don't understand the name of this shirt. Is it "Tranny," horribly misspelled? I'm not sold on the ruffled shoulder detail; it looks like it might be annoying for women (trannies too) who have longer than collar-length hair.

What do you think about Christian's collection? Would you buy any of it? See more here.

And do allow the young scamp to annoy you in this video.


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