Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Avital Speaks

Avital Aronowitz was Suede's client in the "Transformation" episode of Project Runway, and as you can see in the photo at left, she rocked his "Pucci-esque" dress. I posed a few questions to her about her experience on the show.

M: Are you a Project Runway fan? Have you been watching Project Runway this season? If so, are you enjoying it more knowing that you're a model/client on one episode?
AA: I am a project runway fan, now... I had seen some episodes before, but don't have cable, so it was here and there with friends or online. I have watched this whole season online. I think the show is amazing, but I guess having been part of it, made it that much more fun and exciting.

M: What was it like working with Suede? If you could pick any of the designers to work with, eliminated or otherwise, who would it be?
AA: Suede was great. He's really friendly, and despite the outcome of the outfit, I think he was listening to me and my mother at the beginning. He worked really hard on the dress, and although I can't really wear it as a dress to work in, I would definitely wear it out at night, or with sneakers or pants. I think I may have chosen Leanne to work with, I seem to really love her designs. There is something really feminine and modern, but classy and unique about everything. Her designs are truly special, they feel like runway couture designs that are a bit more real world wearable. I hope that made any sort of sense.

M: Did you enjoy your experience on Project Runway?
AA: The experience was long and exhausting, but overall cool. I think the experience of seeing my mom and myself on tv and having people from the past and present see and call me was quite surreal.

M: What did you do during your downtime on the show? Did you have to hang out at Parsons the whole time?
AA: There was a lot of waiting around, interviews, photo shoots. We had to be at Parsons for the majority of the time, but were able to leave at night.

M: So did you get to keep the outfit he created for you? Will you wear it?
AA: I'm still not sure if I get the outfit. They said they may send them to us after the show airs. I have yet to find out if this will happen. I will totally rock that dress, not sure where yet, but I will! Maybe I'll even use it for a photo shoot of my own.

M: How did you decide to become a photographer? Did you always have an aptitude for it? You have an impressive portfolio already; what sort of photography do you want to focus (ha!) on?
AA: haha. Thanks so much for the compliment Kathy. I was always interested in photography. I started taking photo classes in high school and soon after started entering and winning contests. Once they gave me the tri-x b&w film, I became obsessed, and when I realized I was good at it, I just couldn't stop. I photograph a variety of things, but my main subject is environmental portraiture, humor, and often staged costumed moments that I create. I'm really into photographing people who collect things or have cool apartments, studios, or hang out spots. I also really like to photograph musicians and bands, and landscapes/travel, hahah I guess I love to photograph EVERYTHING, but my portfolio is mainly environmental portraiture. As far as work goes, I really do photograph whatever comes my way, and truly enjoy doing it.

(Examples of Avital's photography can be seen on her Web site, A Vital Photo. )


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