Monday, September 8, 2008

Interview with Glenn Mitchell

Glenn Mitchell was a favorite of both fans and her fellow stylists on this season of Shear Genius. I, for one, was very sorry to see her cut before the final three. I was glad to have had the chance to meet her at the finale party, and happy that she agreed to answer some questions for this blog.

M: Who is the most famous person who have ever done hair for? Was he or she nice or a real pain in the ass?
GM: Well, I haven't had my celebrity experience yet ( besides the Housewives), so I'd have to say styling for Alice Temperly (Temperly London) in the tents at Bryant Park is my biggest hair moment!

M: Your husband is quite the hottie (but you know that already). Tell us about him, how you met, etc. I love a good romance.
GM: Well, I met my husband when he worked for a moving company. He was moving my neighbors down to the beach, and I came over to say my goodbyes. Nothing happened at that moment, but a month later I was at Riverfest, a local music festival, with my girlfriends, and he walked over to me and asked if I remembered him. He went on to tell me he'd been thinking about me for the past month. Now, my husband is quite the smooth talker, so I am still not sure if that was a line or the truth! We started dating and 3 months later he asked me to marry him and 5 months after that we were married and I was one month into my pregnancy. ( we started trying a month before the wedding thinking it would take a few tries.... but nope we struck gold on the first try!) Here we are almost 5 years later to the date (Sept.12) and we are happier then ever.

M: What is your most touching Mission: Makeover story?
GM: The most touching MM moment for me was giving back to our last candidate, Abby. She is a hairstylist also. She came up in the business over 30 years ago. So it was great giving back to someone who truly understands what we as hairdressers give of ourselves to our clients. She was so grateful and she was proud of me for doing so much with my career. I'm sure she is even more proud of me now that I've done Shear Genius. It felt like I was able to do something wonderful for my mom. I loved every moment I got to spend with her!

M: Since this is a fashion blog, let's talk a bit about your personal style. You dress somewhat conservatively - at least on TV - but you also have tattoos. Are you a little racier at home?
GM: It is hard for to say what my fashion style is. If you ask my daughter its BLACK. But I'm one of those people who like to roll out of bed and feel different every day. I might be in Power Business Women mode one day and wear a suit to the salon, and the next day I might be in Hippie mode or in Rocker mode. I guess I wear a lot of black tanks and black pants and 5 inch heels... I wear no less then 4 inch heels every day. OH, of course the one thing I never leave home with out is my SCARF!!!! (The girls at the salon call it my whoobie).

M: Did Matthew really annoy you so much? How about Nicole?
GM: The thing about Matt is that he was so negative. I don't understand people that choose to be miserable. I thought he and I had worked through our differences until I got these 2 totally random, unsolicited emails from him a couple of weeks ago that were VERY ugly. It took me by surprise and then I thought, well if his only joy in life has come from sending me an ugly email, well I'd just let him have his moment. Sad as it is, it seems to be all that he's got!

Nicole, we are good. She didn't bother me at all on the show. I had no idea that she thought Daniel and I were after her, 'cause we weren't. After she saw that, then she sent me a message and we are all good!

M: What's your sign? Do you think it's an accurate portrayal of your personality?
GM: I am an Aquarius! And yes, if you look up the word in the dictionary it should have my picture beside it. I am 100% Aquarius. Free-spirited, understanding of others, I see the bigger picture, I LOVE change and must have lots of it to be happy. I love a challenge, I love a new day, I love everyone, yet I trust no one. I would never betray anyone's trust, and every year I would like to totally reinvent myself. I am impatient with those who choose to be less educated, yet feel the need to persuade others that they are all knowing. I believe you learn more from watching and listening. And most importantly... I believe!

M: Have you ever done any really disastrous hair - by accident, of course?
GM: I've not ever really done anything that was SUPER bad. The worst would have to be cutting a guy friends hair once and my clippers (back when I used clippers for a mens cut) were cheap and as I started up the back of his head the guard popped off and it made a short spot. I ended up cutting one of my first freehanded fades. So I learned a great deal from it.

M: What's the first thing you did when you got home after being cut from the show?
GM: When I first got home I took a couple of days off to spend with my daughter before I headed back to work. The first 2 weeks weeks back were hard for me . I was pretty depressed about having to leave the competition before I felt like I should have. All the cast members had just said the night before my elimination that I would make the final 3. That was such an honor to hear that everyone there respected my work, and felt it was good enough to carry me to the finals. Then to be sent packing the next day was crushing. But I understand why I had to leave when I did now, you know its that old saying hindsight is 20/20!

Image of Glenn Mitchell "borrowed" from her MySpace page


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