Thursday, September 18, 2008

Project Runway - Part Ten

The obligatory opening scenes at the Atlas show the designers lamenting the loss of Blayne. However, it doesn't appear that anyone misses Terri.

Suede partakes in some early morning yoga.

While applying her mascara and red lipstick (because Veronica Lodge Bettie Page no cliché- vintage-loving girl would ever leave the house without her red lipstick), Kenley is a bit stumped as to why her monstrosity wasn't the big winner last week. The girl has absolutely no problems with her ego.

At Parsons, Heidi comes out looking fairly unslutty and makes a revelation.

A very scary silhouette appears on the scrim.

The designers start worrying that this is another one of those "design for someone else's mother" challenges. Turns out these "special" ladies are indeed mothers, but the designers won't be creating anything for them. Rather it's their daughters, recent college graduates, who will be the clients. Ladies and germs, this is the TRESemmé Makeover Challenge. And some of these girls seriously need makeovers, but not as much as their mothers.

I can't help but feel insulted by that remark.

Heidi pulls names out of the Holy Black Velvet Bag and teams the designers up with one Mother/Daughter nightmare each. The designers then troop upstairs for a pep talk from Tim before the clients are let in for a 30 minute consultation.

The girls get together and reveal what their post-college professions will be in order for their designers to construct an appropriate look. Kenley is lucky enough to get a vintage-loving girl, so they bond quickly. The mother seems nice, but she's got a voice like Harvey Fierstein and looks like a casualty from the Drag Queen challenge.

Speaking of drag queens...

That's what the little whippersnapper gets for being ageist.

Leanne's mother is a real mother. (I mean that in the nicest way.) She is pretty adamant about what her daughter, an elementary school teacher, should wear.

Dresses are definitely appreciated by young boys for the ease in which they can get a glimpse up their teacher's skirt.

Suede's client is a photographer, so the idea is to make pants with a jacket and blouse to allow for ease of movement when toting equipment. to interpret that?

The mother/daughter teams leave and the designers go to Mood. Korto takes the opportunity to make some absurd comment about being the "Queen of Leatha" now that Stella is gone. Really, now? So why did you buy burlap and a green and white print fabric?

The designers sew their little hearts out, then the clients come up for a fitting. Leanne's mother isn't crazy about the bodice of the dress she's created. It makes her flat-chested daughter look...flat-chested (boobs are always a concern for elementary school teachers, you know), so she has to redesign it, which makes the flat-chested designer upset. See Leanne, it's that ageism biting you in the ass again.

The next morning, the clients come in early for a second fitting. Leanne's luck is changing as her client loves the alterations she's made.

Suede just can't get into those pants (ok, tell us, WHOSE?), and has fallen in love with the blouse fabric as a dress. Luckily he is able to talk his client into it.

Dunno, doggie. You're more attractive than any of the clients or their mothers.

Later, Tim comes up for another pep talk.

He checks out Joe's look.

(For those of you born after 1987...ahh dammit...go to IMDB and look it up yourself.)

Tim liked Kenley's dress, but questioned the several inches of tulle hanging out the bottom. "It's ok for the tulle not to show" was his subtle way of saying, "it looks like ass."

Tim has also brought a special guest with him, Jeanie Syfu of TRESemmé, to consult on new hairstyles for the clients. Ms Syfu's hair looks rather haphazardly cut, so I'm not sure I would trust her. She announces that the winning design will be featured in a TRESemmé ad in Elle magazine.

Psst...Kenley... I gotta tell you that that dress is NOT at all flattering.

After hair and makeup, the clients get into their new duds and get ready to walk the runway. Some girls get coaching from their designers.

Finally, we get to the runway show.

This week's guest judge is:

Thanks, Rene. That would be fashion designer Cynthia Rowley, looking like she dipped into Michael Kors' stash of self-tanning products.

The clients parade their new looks in front of the judges, the designers, and their mothers, some of whom are crying because they are SO PROUD of their widdle munchkins all growed up!

The moms get chased off and the designers join their models on the runway. It's pretty obvious who is going to win this thing:

Jerell's outfit for his client (who I believe said she was going to start out as an artist's assistant? Honey, I've been a professional artist in some capacity for over 20 years, and I can't afford an assistant. Especially not one that dresses as well as you now do) fit the bill, and his client was extremely happy. Hair still looks like it was cut with garden shears, but at least those awful chunky blond blobs in front are gone.

Gee, Kenley, you don't listen to Tim's advice? Then why is only 1" of tulle peeking out of the hem of your dress rather than the original 4"? The judges seemed to like the belt, but I hate the color. It looks like her belly is showing. The dress is meh.

On the bottom end of things we have Suede. Ok, that didn't sound right. Anyway, he was roundly panned for his purple "Pucci-esque" dress with brown jacket. I will admit that the jacket doesn't look very well-fitted in the pic, but I thought the design was cute.

Earlier in the show, Jerell was panning the outfit, and at one point when the ladies went back to their apartment, they decided that Suede would be the one to be auf'ed this week. Not very nice.

Perhaps they hadn't taken a close enough look at Joe's. It was dated, ill-fitting, sloppy-looking, and completely inappropriate for a graphic designer. I like tailored clothes, but I wouldn't be caught dead in it.

Michael Kors thought it looked "Becky Home-Ec-y." Where does he come up with these things?

In Home Ec class, right?

So Joe, who should have gone two weeks ago for that DVF disaster, got the double air kiss of death. I figured he'd be the first to go out of the 6 that went to Bryant Park because he obviously didn't have a wedding gown in his collection. Yes, I am sticking to my theory that there is a final wedding dress challenge before the show. Stay tuned to see if I am correct. (If I was Kenley, I'd say "of course I'm correct.")


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