Saturday, September 6, 2008

Spring 09 Fashion Week - Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller loves prints, and I love Nicole Miller's prints. Her Spring '09 collection is full of them, inspired by a recent trip to Haiti. I can't help but wonder if her menswear pieces were inspired a little bit by Sam Ronson, twin of designer Charlotte and recent paramour of leggings queen Lindsay Lohan. Ha! No - Sam usually looks like she rolled through a laundry pile before putting on her hat and heading out the door. But I digress....

Maybe she should try wearing Nicole Miller?  It would certainly be an improvement over her current aesthetic.

And Lindsay can wear matchy dresses!  

I love the prints and the colors in this collection - the greens and purples with a splash of orange especially. 

The evening looks on the right look a bit out of place, but the crazy puffy sleeves are rather interesting, don't you think?


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