Monday, September 15, 2008

Spring 09 Fashion Week - Project Runway

This year, SIX designers presented at the Project Runway Fashion Week show. Three finalists and three decoys? It's a bit excessive, but that means more designers get the honor of showing at Bryant Park. Can't help but think Terri should have been there, and Stella surely deserved a shot as well.

Notice that four of the designers have a look in the collection that is very bridal. You know how the designers get one last pain-in-the-ass challenge in the last days before Fashion Week? Perhaps there was a final four this year, and their challenge was bridal wear. Guess we'll find out eventually....
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Jerrell's collection was full of flashy jewel tones. Not particularly Spring-like, but it is a cohesive look, and very much Jerrell.  I like bits and pieces of each look, but not any one in particular.

Joe's collection is completely unexpected. It's a little bit country, and a little bit Rock 'n' Roll. I'm calling it the "Allman Brothers Collection." My favorite is the red skirt/black leather bustier combo. The blue star dress is also pretty.

Unmistakably Kenley, I hope she's still not thinking she can win this thing. Ook.  The off-white dress with the full skirt and embroidery is pretty, but I'm not crazy about her choice of prints.

Love Korto's collection: the colors, the big jewelry, everything except that too-tight skirt on look #3.  She's my pick for the win.

Leanne's collection is surprisingly bland.  Well, maybe not so surprisingly.  I do like #3, and the blue gown.

Suede's collection featured a couple of his signature snug bodice/floofy skirt looks, my favorite of which is #5.  My real faves are the long pink print dress, the short blue dress, and the blue jacket/pants combo with the low cut bustier-type top.

What do you think of the collections?  Maybe not as dynamic as those from last season, huh?


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