Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spring 09 Fashion Week - Tracy Reese

I love Tracy Reese's clothes - delicate, feminine, and completely accessible for the average Josephine. Well, maybe not price-wise.... ;)

Click images to enlarge
Beautiful dresses! I love the zigzag skirt in the first number, the detail in the third, and maybe even that funky green color. The fourth dress, however, is marred by what looks like saggy boobs....

I love the shape of the first dress, and the cute little winglike attachments on 2 and 4. The watercolor effect on #3 is just beautiful.

And the coats - love them!

The lyriat necklaces worn by several models are quite interesting (and give me ideas, of course!). I love the shape of this jacket, and the floral embroidery. I don't even mind the shorts that much, but only those women - young women - with glorious legs should attempt something like this.


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