Thursday, October 16, 2008


Notes: apple, peach, herbaceous heart notes, spices

Brandy was literally the first niche scent I purchased. A couple years back, while perusing the Internet during a particularly boring patch at work, I stumbled upon and their astounding collection of fragrances which were all new to me. I ordered a batch of samples, one of which was Brandy. Their description of the apple and spice scent intrigued me, and it was pretty much love at first sniff for both me and my husband. The price was extremely reasonable, and so I wasted no time in procuring a full bottle of this liquid Autumn.

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the way the air smells, the leaves crackling underfoot, shorter days and cooler temperatures. Brandy –the fragrance – is the perfect scent to conjure all the pleasant thoughts offall. It smells of apples, the last ofthe summer peaches, and a touch of cinnamon. It's a walk in the apple orchard, with the leaves in full color, and the scent of cider being pressed in the barn. It's sweet, but deliciously so. Brandy also makes me think of going to the tobacconist with my Dad, sniffing all of the fruity pipe tobaccos in their unsmoked state, a real treat for me when I was a kid.

When first sprayed, the initial impact is of bright fruit scents, like cutting into fresh apples for pie, with a stray peach thrown into the basket. During the drydown, the spices emerge, evoking those warm autumnal memories. As the fruit and spice notes blend, I’m reminded of my best friend Kate’s magnificent Jewish apple cake, perhaps spiked with a little Calvados. All I need is a scoop of vanilla ice cream….

Ah, Autumn. I look forward to your return.

(Originally published in Sniffapalooza Magazine)


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