Thursday, October 2, 2008

Project Runway Episode Twelveteen

It's morning of the last challenge of Project Runway's fifth and perhaps final season on Bravo. Three out of four remaining designers now hate Kenley, Kenley being the only one still enamored of her cartoonish self. She, on the other hand, now hates Leanne.

Over in the boys' apartment, there's one boy left. He's a lonely one who channels Suede and Joe through pieces of fruit and makes them interact with other inanimate objects.

The designers head off to Parsons where they are met by Heidi in a ridiculously-tight and short animal print dress. Don't you wish she was pregnant again so there would be fewer possible va-jay-jay flashings per episode?

One of the models gets eliminated, then the designers head to the lobby to meet Tim. He's taking them on a field trip... the New York Botanical Gardens. Collier Strong is there for his annual visit, so this must be a L'Oreal Paris challenge.

And I get to make my annual Yul Brynner joke. What do you think - should I try "King and I" next time?

The designers are each given a digital camera and one hour to photograph the pretty flowers of their choice.

Back at Parsons, they get 30 minutes to choose the photo that will be their inspiration, then they all head off to Mood for fabric.

Back at Parsons, the designers have a little bit of difficulty in coming up with the perfect design. Kenley pretty much cranks out her dress, but then realizes an important element is missing.

She briefly eyeballs Jerell's selection of un-used tulle, but he's not going to play nicely.

The next morning, Tim comes in to check on the gang and asks how everyone is doing. Kenley immediately whines that she left a bag of tulle at Mood. Tim is gripped by some inexplicable pity for the wench and tells her that if she paid for it and it's on the receipt, she can go back to Mood and retrieve her damn tulle. The other designers rejoice because that means she'll be out of the work room for a bit of time and they can trash talk her out loud without her whining about being trash talked about in front of her face.

Tim then announces that Collier Strong is available for makeup consultations in the Corporate Sponsorship Beauty Lounge.

Still later, Tim comes back in for mentoring. He's got issues with Korto's design.

He tells her to bring the right critical analysis to the project, preferably using big words to describe it. He also says that Kenley's dress is more oceanic than botanical.

Leanne's dress makes him want to burst into a medley from Hello Dolly, so she's going to have to make some major changes. She's a little stressed out right about now because she realizes that one of the four of them is going to be eliminated, despite knowing there's always at least one decoy at Bryant Park.

The next morning, Jerell cries as he irons his ridiculous outfit du jour.

Korto cries in a confidential.

But enough with the tears - there is still plenty of work to do! The designers race back to Parsons to complete the ten hours of work they still have left to do in the thirty minutes they have to do it in.

After another trip to the Corporate Sponsorship Beauty Lounge, the models are ready for the runway. Time for the show!

Yes, we can see the $$$ in your eyes, Georgina.

Jerell's look is inspired by a photo of fuchsia and purple-ish roses. Michael Kors thought it was a little off, but in "an intriguing way," and although his execution might have been lacking a little, Jerell was given the win for his design.

Coming in second was Leanne's ode to lavender. The judges appreciated her use of soft fabrics and ruching instead of noodles.

Korto's dress, inspired by a flamingo flower, was insulted every way from sundown. The judges thought it looked too much like something worn in a beauty pageant. Korto cried.

Kenley's dragon lady won her no fans.

When Heidi stated that the design wasn't elegant (what an evening gown should be, no?) Kenley didn't surprise anybody with her sassing back.

At that point, Kenley must have farted again, because the judges start making faces.

Heidi then asks each of the designers why they deserve to be showing at Fashion Week and which two of the three others would they want to accompany them there. Korto, Jerell, and Leanne all pick each other. Nobody wants Kenley. Everybody cries.

Kenley gives a half assed apology disguised in an excuse.

The judges send off the designers and try to decide who to eliminate - Korto or Kenley. The number of times Heidi says "only three of you will compete" leads me to believe that they will pull a deal like last season and not eliminate the "decoy" until after they have completed their collections for Bryant Park. And I'm right - Heidi announces that all of them will be going home - to sew.

Sew what?

We'll find out in the next exciting episode of "Everybody Hates Kenley!"


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