Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spring 09 Fashion Week - Pucci

Can't say I love all of Pucci's Spring 09 collection. Some of the iconic Pucci prints just don't do it for me.
Click images to enlarge
Hmm...doesn't the first skirt look like it may have been made from Saturn vehicle upholstery? Ok, not so much the pattern, but the very Leanne-like protruding hip pieces. I like the top in the second outfit - it looks like intricate knitting.

Although I'm not particularly into the color palettes, the dresses' shapes, and particularly the neckline embellishment on the greener two, are quite pleasing.

And now Pucci brings the fug to Spring '09! The first two dresses are awful, as is the color combination of the swimsuit under the jacket (which on its own is ok). And the last look - I think the pants are too casual for the glitzy top, and the top is just...ugly.


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