Monday, February 2, 2009

2009 SAG Awards

The 2009 SAG Awards were held last week, and as always, some attendees looked good, and some didn't.

Always one of my favorites to bash, Eva Longoria looks like she's ready for a fancy prom in her peach-colored floaty gown.  Her face doesn't look as bad as usual though.

Angelina Jolie apparently wore her Max Azria gown backwards.  Girl needs some jewelry.

I love Jenna Fischer's gown, except for the color.  The gray would be ok without the gold trim, and the gold trim would be better on another color.

Anne Hathaway looks lovely in her white gown, which makes her look less-scrawny than she has been looking recently.

Teri Hatcher didn't have enough time to shop for a dress, so she rolled around in her bedsheets and added a belt.

Penelope Cruz always looks good and is particularly sexy in this high-front halter dress.

Claire Danes needs to grow some breasts.  The fit on that dress is monstrous!

Emily Blunt's dress is sexy, but the fabric looks like it's decaying/peeling, like an iron-on on a 70s T-shirt.

Christina Applegate is a lovely girl, but the top of the dress doesn't look well-fitting, and I hate the color.  I hate that color, period.

Tina Fey looks cute, as if she were going to a cocktail party and not an awards show.


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