Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Leanne Marshall at Fashion Week

Last Thursday night, Project Runway season five winner Leanne Marshall showed her latest collection, and I managed to sneak in as a guest of my fabulous friends at Blogging Project Runway.

Who did I spot playing mannequin for Leanne?  Why, the lovely Karalyn West....

...and the fabulous Amanda Fields.

I think the dresses these two lovelies wore, solid colored and simple with well-placed drapes, were my favorite in the collection.

Also posing was Jerell's model, Nicole (at left).

I don't think this collection was as strong as the one Leanne showed in the PR finale.  I wasn't all that hot on her choice of fabrics, particularly the gray and metallic combo on Nicole.

The crowd was a veritable who's who of season 4 and 5 designers: Korto, Suede, Jennifer Diederich, Kevin Christiana, Jack Mackenroth, Jerrell, Stella, Steven Rosenberg, Kit Pistol.  I am not a schmoozer, but I had fun people-watching.


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