Monday, March 2, 2009

Les Halles

Remember Les Halles jeans?

Les Halles is the influential, trendsetting denim-based clothing line started in 1979 by Marlene and Stephen Baum. Responsible for creating such popular styles as the "Paper Bag" jean, the "Baggie" jean, the "Shooting Tuck" jean, the "Annie Hall" pant, and the "Zip Leg Marilyn," Marlene and Stephen decided to re-launch their Company in 2008, with help from their daughter, Remy. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, the Baums enjoyed successful careers in the fashion industry before marrying in 1976 and joining forces in 1979 to launch Les Halles. Through their immense vision and talent, Les Halles rose to become one of the most infuential denim brands in the United States between 1979 --1982, landing the cover of Women’s Wear Daily on June 2, 1982.

Les Halles is back, and introducing seven new styles:

1. Hip-slung and sexy, the baggy Boy Jean was created for the fashion savvy woman who wants to keep up with the current trends but refuses to compromise her own personal style and comfort. The inseam is 30" but should be worn even shorter, with the bottoms rolled up. Distressed and destroyed, it comes in four washes -- Medium, Dark, Vintage Bleach and Dirty -- and retails for $120.

2. Like its namesake, the Denim Straw Legging is long and skinny yet has an easy, comfortable fit in the hips and waist. These design elements, combined with details such as abrasions, rips, and tears, give The Denim Straw Legging a fresh, modern appearance. With a 32” inseam, it comes in two washes -- Dark/Medium and Black. The Denim Straw Legging retails for $120.

3. Rips and holes give the Boy Jean Short that ultimate vintage look. Hip-slung and sexy with only a 5” inseam, it has an easy, relaxed fit. In two washes -- Medium and Vintage Bleach -- it retails for $62.

4. The Zach is the "Shorter Boy Jean Short" sporting an inseam of just 2.5”. Baggy and distressed, flirty and fun, The Zach will be everyone’s favorite cut-off vintage denim short. In a Medium Wash and Vintage Bleach Wash, it retails for $62.

5. Like the original Denim Straw Legging, the Straw Ankle Legging fits snuggly throughout the leg, but has a relaxed, curvy yet in the hips and waist. Updated with a cropped 26” inseam and in a Dark/Medium and Black Wash, it is perfect to wear by day with˜ats or at night with heels. The Straw Ankle Legging retails for $108.

6. The Boy Jean Capri has the same relaxed, worn-in sensibility as the full-leg Boy Jean; however, its inseam is 24”. In a Medium Wash, Vintage Bleach Wash and Dirty Wash, it retails for $108.

7. The Olivia "the Low Rise Ankle Jean" is simply sexy, fitting like a second skin. Inspired by Olivia Newton John’s character from Grease, The Olivia is cropped at the ankle giving it a hip, sexy look. With a 26” inseam and in two different washes -- Ice and Caulifower. The Olivia retails for $108.

Les Halles’ Denim Collection will be available beginning Winter 2008 at select boutiques nationwide including Poppy, Precision, Michael, Irma (New York City), Havana Jeans (Stamford, CT, Scarsdale, NY, Rye, NY), Tupelo Honey (Adventura, FL), and Post Jeans (Miami, FL).


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