Wednesday, April 22, 2009

2009 TV Land Awards

The 2009 TV Land Awards were held last weekend. It's always amusing to see what old TV stars show up for the event. And kinda sad to see how bad some of them look.

Vivica A. Fox - I'm not feeling the dress, either that shade of blue on her, or the style.

Loretta Swit in costume for her latest role as a baked potato. That dress makes her look wide and stumpy.

Kellie Martin - you're not 10 anymore! You can put the little girl Easter dress back in the closet now.

Michelle Lee looks pretty terrific, at least from this distance. I always thought her eyes were too close together, but she's really looking great. From the neck up. Hate the dress.

I do like Donna Mills' dress, and she looks pretty good, too. Well, she still looks like Donna Mills, but with lots of Botox.

Beverly Johnson is 56 years old, bitches. You all wish you looked this good at 30.

Ack - this is little Eddie Munster. Sucks getting old, doesn't it? Looks like that Star Dates thing worked out for him though....

This guy is Wesley Eure, from Land of the Lost. He was also one of the Michael Hortons from Days of Our Lives. Still looks pretty cute to me.

Sorry to keep scaring you like that. :) I think they should consider Teri Hatcher for the role of Witchiepoo for any future remakes of H.R. Pufinstuf.


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