Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Michelle Obama in Europe

More images of our First Lady on the Obama's tour of Europe. The woman likes black, and that's fine, but a little - subtle - color wouldn't hurt now and again.

The first outfit, with full black skirt, white top, and cardigan, is what she wore to visit the Queen. Suitably frumpy.  I love the jacket in the second image, and she looks very long and slim. Stick to tailored looks, Mrs O - they are very flattering!

Not really excited about the coat she's wearing in the third shot, but it's not bad.  I love the frothy skirt in the fourth pic, with the tiny shrunken cardigan. Man, she loves cardigans, and it looks like she has several different styles in black.  She's wearing the cardigan from the Queen visit in the final shot, with that horrible bow shirt and belt combo.  How does one go from looking so nice in outfit #4 to such a misstep in #5?

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